General Inquiries:

  • Q: What is our most commonly received question?
  • A: “How can we send a meaningful gift to our children/friends/parents/loved ones in Yerushalaim?”
  • And the Answer to that Question:
  • Let us help you find the most apt and personalized gift for any simcha/event/reason! Message us to speak to us directly.


  • Delivery within Yerushalaim requires 24-48 hours from when the order is placed.
    Deliveries to other locations (such as RBS) are delivered once per week, and need to be coordinated separately.
  • Shabbos orders require the sale to be completed before Thursday Morning Israel Time.



We use Mehadrin hashgachos only. We use Badatz products for all baking. Candies and other items can be KF London or some comparable hechsher. Contact us with any particular concerns.